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Vaginal Strengthening Exercises to Improve Sexual Health

Exercises for Increased Pleasure

Have you ever considered adding vaginal strengthening exercises into your fitness routine? Targeting your pelvic floor muscles, vaginal strengthening exercises can improve your sex life and protect your body against urinary incontinence, which is loss of bladder control.

Reasons Women are Drawn to Vaginal Strengthening Exercises

  • During pregnancy for an easier labor and delivery
  • After vaginal childbirth to help resolve the pelvic trauma and damage
  • As the vagina loses some of its natural elasticity with age
  • To improve sexual experience
  • To prevent pelvic organ prolapse

Whatever your reason, incorporating pelvic floor exercises into your routine will strengthen and tone these important muscles. It may also make it easier to for you to achieve orgasm and kick-up orgasm intensity. 

Recommended Pelvic Floor Exercises


Kegel exercises are a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor. Besides making it easier for you achieve orgasm, kegels can also help your body increase vaginal wetness, relax your vaginal muscles, strengthen against urinary incontinence, and improve circulation to the pelvic floor and vagina.

After emptying your bladder, contract your pelvic floor muscles for five to 10 seconds. Think of the muscles deep in your vagina that you use to stop urinating. Release the contraction and keep your muscles completely relaxed for five to 10 seconds. Make sure you relax your muscles for at least the same amount of time that they were contracted.  Repeat the cycle at least three times, and do this exercise somewhere between three and five times each day. As you do more Kegels and your muscles strengthen over time, it’s a good idea to contract your muscles for longer periods, up to 20 seconds.


Squats strengthen your pelvic floor muscles while also working many other important muscles like your glutes, quadriceps, and your core.

Stand against a wall with your feet separated about shoulder width apart and lower yourself until your thighs become close to parallel with the floor. Hold for ten seconds while being mindful to engage your pelvic floor muscles, and then stand back up. Start with one set of ten repetitions and work your way up to two or three sets over time, depending on your physical ability.

Vaginal Cone Exercises

A vaginal cone is a device you can use to help with kegels. Most are weighted and about the size of a tampon, though the specifics will vary and many options are available.

You’ll want to follow the specific directions for the product you purchase, but most involve placing the device in your vagina, contracting your pelvic floor muscles for 15 seconds or so, and then releasing.

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