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What Is an ObGyn Hospitalist or Laborist?

In the late stages of pregnancy, you’re waiting on the moment when labor begins. Despite giving you a due date, your provider can’t predict exactly when your baby will arrive. While your provider may want to be present for your labor and delivery, that isn’t always possible. This is where an ObGyn hospitalist, or laborist, comes in. A laborist is a certified ObGyn who devotes all their time to delivering babies or responding to obstetrical and gynecological emergencies at a hospital. When you are admitted to the hospital and your regular women’s health provider is unavailable, the ObGyn hospitalist, or laborist, is responsible for your care from the time your baby is delivered until your provider can arrive.

Continued Care During and After Labor

Many women develop a personal, trusting relationship with their ObGyn and may be uncomfortable with the prospect of seeing a different provider while they’re in the hospital. Having an ObGyn hospitalist, or laborist, does not change the relationship between you and your provider. Rather, their role is to provide timely, advanced care for patients who arrive at the hospital with emergent needs. Your ObGyn hospitalist and women’s health provider work together to help you have the best possible outcomes.

Speak to Your Provider About Labor and Delivery Options

If you have questions about ObGyn hospitalists or how your branch handles labor and deliveries, please speak with your Women’s Health Arizona provider.

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