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6 Quick Tricks for Spicing Things Up in the Bedroom

Tricks for Spicing Things Up in the Bedroom

As life goes on, our sexual needs and interests inevitably change. You may find yourself more or less interested in sex, or completely indifferent to sex all together. The fact is, at any point in life there are many factors that might influence your sex life or libido. These include your health, age, past illnesses, your intimate relationships, medications, and more. Here’s how to keep your intimate life healthy and exciting:

See a sex therapist

Many people would rather do almost anything than talk about their sex life with someone they don’t know. However, seeing a sex therapist can be so helpful that it might be time to get over your fears. A therapist can help you unravel the psychological and physiological aspects of your sex life. They can also help you bring in more mindfulness and communication with your partner. This is a form of psychotherapy that can play a major role in spicing things up in the bedroom.

Experiment with sex positions

Sometimes, when you find yourself uninterested in sex, there isn’t a complex underlying cause—you might simply be bored. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest situations to fix. One of the simplest ways to bring some excitement into the bedroom is to experiment with different positions. You may be stimulated in new ways and enjoy the adventure of it all. Start by setting a goal of trying one or two new positions each week for a month. Here are a few ideas to get you started. With a creative imagination (or a quick Google search!) the opportunities are endless.

Kindness counts: Show your partner you care

Introducing oils into the bedroom is a great way to slow things down and really pay attention to your partner. Find a nice oil and surprise your partner with a massage. You’ll be surprised at how quickly one thing might move to another from there.

Maybe massage isn’t your thing. If that’s the case, why not try cooking a romantic dinner for your partner? Wear something nice and request the same of your partner. Then enhance the atmosphere with candles and dim lighting. Even if your romantic evening doesn’t lead to intimacy, kind actions will likely strengthen your relationship and leave your partner feeling appreciated.

Get flirty

Flirtation brings fun and excitement into the early relationship stages but often disappears over time. Whether it’s teasing, eye contact, texting, or sexting, it’s important to remember that flirtation can go a long way in keeping your relationship and sex life thriving.

Stay on top of your sexual health

Your sexual health plays a huge role in your sex life. After all, when you’re not feeling right, you’re often far less interested in engaging in any form of sexual activity. It’s important to see and talk to your provider about anything interfering with your sex life. This could mean anything from pain during sex or urination to new smells down there that you haven’t experienced before. Or even simply when you’re experiencing a lack of interest in sex. And remember it’s not just sexual health that plays a role in your sex life—your overall health does too. Make sure you’re eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising, and taking care of health issues.

Change up your birth control

Hormonal birth control can have a big impact on your sex drive, depending how your body reacts with it. Most people don’t experience a change in libido from birth control pills, but some do. Some women see a rise in their libido, whereas others feel less desire for sex. If you notice a change in libido since starting a new birth control, bring the issue up with your provider. It’s important to keep your provider in the loop so they can check for other underlying conditions and consider prescribing you a different type or method of birth control.

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