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What is Included in an Annual Well-Woman Exam?

Your annual gynecology visit is an opportunity to connect with your provider to discuss your overall health and receive any necessary screenings. The following is a list of exams and screenings we offer at our Women’s Health locations.

An Assessment of Your Overall Health

Your provider will start with an overall health assessment that includes a physical exam. They’ll also get a general medical history, including information on your periods, pregnancy history, and sexual history.

A Pelvic Exam

During your routine pelvic exam, your provider will help you feel as comfortable as possible as they perform both an external and internal examination. These examinations will last no longer than a few minutes as your provider checks for signs of cysts, irritation, abnormal discharge, enlarged ovaries, STIs, certain cancers, and other possible problems.

A Pap Test

A Pap test is an internal test. Your provider will swab your cervix to test for pre-cancerous or cancerous cells.

Sexual Health and Birth Control Counseling

If you’re currently sexually active or intend to become sexually active, then speak to your provider about STI screenings and birth control options. Having an open and honest dialogue with your provider will help you find birth control and contraceptive methods that fit your lifestyle.

Clinical Breast Examination

Regular clinical breast examinations are an important part of detecting early signs of breast cancer. During this exam, your provider will observe your breast size, shape, and skin texture.

Menopause and Midlife Counseling

If you’re over the age of 45 or experiencing perimenopausal symptoms, speak to your women’s healthcare provider about the changes you’re experiencing. They can provide information on different therapies and discuss lifestyle habits that can improve perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

Schedule Your Well-Woman Visit with Women’s Health Arizona

Having a well-woman exam is an important part of caring for your overall health. Schedule your exam and connect with a Women’s Health Arizona provider who you can trust with all your women’s healthcare needs.

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