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Arizona Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Pool Safety

If you live in Arizona, it’s inevitable that you and your kids will be around a pool, lake, or river at some point. In this summer heat, every kid wants to jump right in, no matter how old or young they are. So, it’s imperative that you understand pool rules, pool safety, and are keenly aware of where your child is at all times. Swim lessons are a great idea as well. Here are some pool safety tips for a safe and fun summer here in Arizona.

Top Pool Safety Tips

Pool safety doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, it really only involves a watchful eye an almost obsessive dedication to knowing where your child is at every second of the day, especially if you have a backyard pool or spa.

However, most parents cannot hold their child’s hands, literally, at every moment of the day, which is why these pool safety tips can make your life a lot easier.

  • Never leave a child unattended in a pool or spa and always watch your child when he or she is in or near water
  • Teach children basic water safety tips
  • Keep children away from pool drains, pipes and other openings to avoid entrapments
  • Have a telephone close by when you or your family is using a pool or spa
  • If a child is missing, look for him or her in the pool or spa first
  • Share safety instructions with family, friends and neighbors

The Importance of Swim Lessons

The above are the simple tips, the ones that won’t cost you a dime and could save lives. Of course, one of the best things that you can do for your child is to get them into swim lessons. If you are not a swimmer, it might be a good idea for you to enroll in swim lessons as well. Swim lessons are a great way to teach your child not only how to swim, but to respect water. This respect for water that a child will learn in swim lessons might just be the thing that keeps them out of the pool when there are no adults around.

Do You Know CPR?

As parent in Arizona, even if you don’t have a pool the odds are pretty good that one of your neighbors does. It’s imperative that every parent learn CPR and understand the basics of life-saving. We hope that you never have to use these skills, but they are crucial to know.

Do You Have The Right Pool Equipment?

At a residence with a swimming pool where one or more children under six years of age live in the residence, the swimming pool must be protected by an enclosure (wall, fence, or barrier) that
surrounds the pool area. The enclosure must:

  • Entirely enclose the pool area
  • Be at least 5 feet high
  • Have no openings other then doors or gates, through which an object 4 inches in diameter can pass
  • Have no openings, handholds, or footholds accessible from the exterior side that can be used to climb the barrier
  • Be at least 20 inches from the water’s edge

State law stipulates that pool gates must:

  • Be self-closing
  • Open outward from the pool
  • Have self-latching mechanisms located at least 54 inches above the ground. If the latch is situated on the pool side of the gate, the release mechanism must be at least five inches below the top of the gate.

You also should have pool alarms to alert you should a child fall into the pool when you are not around. Pool and spa covers are a wonderful addition to your pool safety, as well as door alarms. Consider slider-glass-door locks as well.

We want all of our patients and their families to have a safe and fun summer. So get those kids into swim lessons, get that pool fence fixed, and please watch your kids around water.

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