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Ongoing Negotiations with Cigna

 June 12, 2023 – Women’s Health Arizona (WHAZ) is currently in negotiations with Cigna and are hopeful for a timely resolution that both parties are comfortable with.  We value our long and important relationship with Cigna; however, Women’s Health Arizona and its providers are experiencing the same challenges with inflation and the rising costs of supplies, services, employee benefits and related items that you are feeling. Our requested increases have been humble compared to the premium increases employers and members have borne in recent years and are intended to help ensure we can provide the same level of care to patients.

Please know that first and foremost, Women’s Health Arizona and its providers remain committed to providing you with the best care possible and we recognize the significant impact this decision will have on you and your families. As YOUR provider, we hope to continue to provide you with exemplary care in the future as the provider/patient relationship is a sacred reality that we hold in the highest regard.  It is this commitment, and your provider’s desire to support you throughout your healthcare journey, that has driven us to hold multiple rounds of good-faith negotiations in recent months with Cigna.

Women’s Health Arizona will continue to negotiate to achieve reduced costs for both the health plan and patients, while enhancing patient safety and care quality. In the meantime, we will do everything possible to provide you with continuity of care and to minimize any disruption to care.

Thank you for the support you have shown us on social media. Please continue to contact Cigna or post on Cigna’s Facebook Community Page, using the hashtags #KeepMyProvider and #HealthInsurance, to ensure that Cigna understands that excluding more than 117 OBGYN healthcare providers from its network is an unacceptable change that impacts access to care for thousands of women in Arizona. 

It is our continued privilege to serve as your trusted healthcare provider, and we will do everything possible to minimize any disruption that impacts your care. 

For all inquiries, please contact:
Jennifer McCurdy | | 602.805.2625

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