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Menopausal Care in Phoenix, AZ

At Women’s Health Arizona, we understand that menopause can be a challenging time for women, and we are committed to providing comprehensive menopausal care services to help our patients manage their symptoms and maintain their overall health and well-being. Our team of experienced healthcare providers offers a wide range of menopausal care services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, including hormone replacement therapy, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle recommendations to help our patients navigate this important life transition with confidence and ease.

The Facts About Menopause

Menopause refers to the time in your life when your body stops having menstrual periods. It’s the time when your ovaries stop producing estrogen and releasing an egg as part of your reproductive cycle. On average, this occurs when women are in their fifties, but your body is unique, so you may experience menopause earlier or later than that.

In the years leading up to menopause, you may experience perimenopause. This is when the amount of estrogen produced by the ovaries begins to fluctuate. Your menstrual cycle may become less regular, or you may skip periods altogether. Perimenopause can begin in your 30s or 40s. During this time, you may experience other symptoms like:

  • Hot flashes
  • Sleep problems
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Frequent urination
  • Night sweats
  • Mood changes

Treatments for Menopausal Symptoms

There are a variety of therapies and techniques that can help you through this time. For example, you can manage certain symptoms through lifestyle choices by exercising, eating well, and avoiding hot liquids, caffeine, and alcohol.

At Women’s Health Arizona, we’re committed to helping you find a knowledgeable and understanding specialist who will hear your concerns and help you through this transition. Contact your provider to ask about our menopausal care options.

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